High trust.  Safe.  Authentic.  Respectful.  Compassionate and constructive listening.  Creative.  Fast.  How do you describe your team?   How do you want to describe your team?  How do the members of the team describe their experiences with one another?  How do you want them to describe their experiences?  

Healthy, constructive team dynamics do not happen by accident.  They are consciously created by the leader, yes, yet also every team member.  All have to be creators, sustainers, and enhancers, as all will influence the team's dynamics over time.  This will, in turn, will relate directly to the teams effectiveness.  While this in widely understood cognitively, it's much harder to put into practice and build habits around.

In short, the way people lead, enter into, or exist in teams based on their structure of interpretation, the set of experiences, education, and ideas that make up their mindset  -- the belief system by which they view themselves, others, as well as their environment.  In turn, this sets expectations or inspires ideas that are rarely understood, let alone documented, articulated, and communicated.  As such, team members often talk past one another.  Often unconsciously, they ignore their own unique ways of being as well as the unique ways others show up in the world.  Diversity is not appreciated, which is the kiss of death of any team.  Without appreciating diverse ways of being, thinking, and communicating, what ensues are forms of group think (passive follower-ship) to outright group dysfunction (aggressive separation).  In both cases, authentic assessments and well-intentioned improvement ideas are rarely voiced or seriously considered.  The trust and openness to bring these to the fore just aren't present.   The good news?  This does't have to be the case.

Contact us to explore how to improve your team's dynamics and effectiveness.  We employ a proven, yet innovative process that enables team members to self-assess, offer improvement ideas, learn, then co-create a healthier, more constructive future state.  Content and experiences are delivered both virtually and in-person over time, helping ensure everyone feels seen, heard, and empowered.  Wishing you and your team ongoing success; and to makin' great things happen!