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The Personal Assessment & Development (PAD) Framework


Want to get insight on where you are, where you want to go, and effective ways to get there?  If so, click here to download the PAD Framework template



I've been helping people develop their careers since a college student in the 1980's.  I was an internship coordinator for UC Davis' Davis-in-DC Program.  While advising others I couldn't help but reflect on my own strengths, development areas, and resources available to help set and, in turn, accomplish my goals.  Fast forward 25+ years and now I run conferences on People Analytics & Future of Work.  I work with leaders to help design the workforce and workplace of the future.  This role has afforded unique insights into what employers are looking for now, what qualities they'll be looking for in the future, as well as how they'll recruit, assess, and hire people.  The PAD Framework captures the key dimensions employers evaluate (either consciously or unconsciously), thus this same framework can be applied to how an individual develops him or her self.  The framework itself is free.  Please use as you see fit.  If, however, you'd like help formulating a vision, developing a plan to achieve it, as well as help getting that plan done, then please contact me.  Me or my associates will gladly do what we can to help.

Other specialities include team facilitation and interventions, leadership training and coaching, and a unique process used to help improve an individual's overall well-being.  My skills and ideas behind these services stems from my 25+ years as a professional, more than 10 of which has been leading People-Centered Strategies and the Talent Strategy Institute.  Other experiences include stints with Ernst & Young, Gap Inc., Infohrm (now SAP/SuccessFactors), and Kenexa (now IBM).  My career has afforded me the honor of serving leaders, emerging leaders, and teams at Apple, Cisco, Whole Foods, Gap Inc., Equinix, Mayo Clinic, Dignity Health, Stanford University, among many others.  

In the end, I'm here to serve, and I'm here to generate positive energy, hone intentions, and facilitate innovative ideas to achieve those intentions.  I adopt a beginners mindset in all my work so I'm able to co-create solutions most appropriate for the individual, team, or organization.  If you sense I can help, know I'll gladly listen, learn, and explore with you.  Just let me know.  

Thanks for visiting; and to makin' great things happen!


  • One-on-one confidential coaching: as needed or as part of a 6 to 12 week program

  • Team facilitation: participant assessments, meeting design, and onsite delivery

  • Workshops and customized learning experiences, both in-person and virtual

  • Keynote speaking and speaking to executive teams

  • Public interviewing or private recorded interviews



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